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An Appeal
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1.Please share information on Pt. Pannalal Ghosh:

The divine music notes that Bhagwan Krishna enchanted, were reintroduced in Hindustani music, be it purely classical or in films, by the legendary flutist late Pt. Pannalal Ghosh. Pannababuji’s extraordinary musical contributions have not only made all Indians proud but have also brought accolades from all across the globe. Unfortunately, a long time span of over 50 years has passed after his untimely demise in 1960, resulting in bleaching of the memories of his contributions, to the extent that today’s music connoisseurs are least aware of the intricate details and significance of the musical contributions of Pt. Pannalal Ghosh. Most of even the learned musicians simply know that ‘There was a great flutist by name Pannalal Ghosh’, that’s all! It is thus need of the time to try all possible means of preserving and spreading his art and other musical contributions in various strata. In this regard, it is required to collect and disseminate all possible information concerning him. Although some progress has already been made over the past few years, a lot more still needs to be gathered, compiled and studied for preparing a standard, authentic and freely accessible source of information on the great maestro of India. This collection could also provide valuable guidelines to the students of music. An appeal is hence made to share “every small or big bit of information” on Pt. Pannalal Ghosh, such as - the memories, published or unpublished articles and documents, letters, photographs, recordings, personal belongings, information on his orchestral compositions, his associates, the probable sources of such information, etc. Please do not hesitate to mention, if there are any expectations (in monetary terms or in any other form) for parting with these valuable things / information. Suggestions for improving the quality of the work and to bring it towards perfection too are most welcome.

2.Please share information on Pt. Pannalal Ghosh in Indian Cinema:

Dr.Pannababuji also had significant contributions in Indian Film. A large volume of information on this subject still needs to be explored. Mrs. Arti Karkhanis please may be contacted preferably (or alternatively Dr. Vishvas M. Kulkarni) for sharing relevant information about the movies with which Pt. Pannalal Ghosh was associated as music composer and/or for flute playback.

3.Try experimenting in new Raaga created by Pt. Pannalal Ghosh:

Although the legendary flutist late Pt. Pannalal Ghosh created many new Raaga, these beautiful Raaga could not spread further due to his demise at an early age. Further, the musicians (including flutists of his Gharana) seldom attempted experimenting, presenting and popularizing these Raaga in the classical or light music. Commendable work in creatively composing and/or presenting new Bandishi in the Raaga created by Pannababuji has only been done very recently by Shri. A.G. Apte, Shri. Kabir Suman, Dr. Mohankumar Darekar, Pt. Pradeep Barot, Smt. Tulika Ghosh and Smt. Prajakta Savarkar-Shinde. The structures of these Raaga, whatsoever known as on today, are narrated above, with a request for further experimentation. In the view of scarce information available, it is likely that there will be differential opinions on their structure, especially about the Vaadi and Samvaadi, but we need to leave this part open for a debate and gradual maturation. I will highly appreciate if you could share your “thoughts / results of the work” with me. Needless to mention that whole credit of your experiments and compositions will be cited in your name. We may also then think of arranging a musical workshop dedicated to the new Raaga created by Pt.Pannalal Ghosh sometimes in the near future.

4.Take up academic and scientific studies on Pt.Pannalal Ghosh:

Most important method to preserve and spread Pannababuji’s art and other musical contributions would of course be by hard practicing to achieve mastery on his flute playing technique, and authentically demonstrating it before elite and learned music lovers. In addition, his music can also be conserved, enriched and furthered by peripheral support from other activities such as academic and scientific studies on different aspects of his music, his innovations and more experimentation for enriching his music and flute designs, and also via taking help from advanced audio-visual aids for spreading information in the society. It is hence requested also to consider various aspects of Pt. Pannalal Ghosh’s life and music as the subjects for master’s or doctoral degrees.

Dr.Vishvas M Kulkarni
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Residence:06 Mussoorie building,Anushaktinagar,Mumbai -400094India.
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Mrs.Arti Karkhanis
National Film Archive of India,
Law College road,
Pune - 411004, India,
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