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Anand Murdeshwar
David Philipson
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Harshawardhan Kaulgi
K.L. Ginde
Lyon Leifer
Naresh Kumta
Nityanand Haldipur
Rasbihari Desai
S.N. Purohit
Vishvas Kulkarni
V.G. Karnad
About the Style
An Appeal
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This is the original and rare style with a handful of followers. It is also deeply spiritual. The unique aspects of this style are:

  • Seventh hole for fingering - It is due to the seventh fingering hole or the Dhruva Madhyam (term coined by Shri Prabhakar Nachane) that a Meend between Teevra Madhyam and Pancham can be played. This offers a wider range over notes and facilitates playing any raga in a presentable manner. Ragas with two Madhyams can also be played easily and beautifully on this flute.
  • Purity of raga structure - The flautists of Pannalal Ghosh style consider themselves committed to the authentic structure of a raga and do not interfere with the time tested combinations of notes. Drawing from the immense treasure of old compositions stirs one's emotions and uplifts the soul. At the same time, there is complete freedom for individual creativity.
  • A uniform blend of Gayaki (vocal style) and Tatkari (stringed instrument style) - This makes the style complete and one-of-a kind.