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Profile >> S. N. Purohit

S N Purohit had his lessons in flute (the “LYRE”) under the feet of late Maestro Pannalal Ghosh, in the traditional style of “Guru Shishya”. He is thus one of the leading disciples left behind by the great flute player Pannababu, to carry on his message of flute. A graduate in Science, Shri Purohit took lessons under the feet of his guru till the late maestro breathed his last.

Style / Achievements

S N Purohit plays (like his master) an unusually large “Bamboo flute” which is the creation of his Guru. The production of “Bass Notes” and smooth notations of all “three octaves” are inherently spontaneous in his rendition. His intonations and modulations are rare features of his playing.

He renders Khayal and Thumri with equal mastery. He also excels in folk music. He is a regular performer at the All India Radio and has been participating in All India music conferences organized by leading cultural and music institutions, including Sur-Singar Samsad Sangit Mehfil Sangeet Natak Academy, Ustad Amirkhan music festival, Rageswaree etc.

He has also toured Europe and he gave 80 concerts in Sweden and France. He has performed in concerts of national significance. In addition to music concerts, he has also appeared in a series of radio and television programmes, produced by National Broadcasting Corporation of Sweden and France. Shri Purohit is a recipient of the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy Award – 1994. He is on the panel of examiners in music, in Jainarain Vyas University, Jodhpur since the last fifteen years.

Press Quotes

“…S N Purohit’s rendering of “flute” has the flashes of and promise of a rare flute-player. He leaves nothing to be desired. It is perfect in itself…”

-The Times of India

“…He can be counted amongst India’s few flute players. The clarity of modulation in all the three octaves is a redeeming feature of his rendering…”

- Hindustan Times

“…After hearing him one feels that Mr. Purohit has his guru, maestro Pannalal Ghosh in his style…”

- Nav Bharat Times, Mumbai

“…He has an equal mastery over khayal and thumri style. His “Malkauns” was an astounding success. Equally melodious were his Rajasthani folklores…”

- Jwala Weekly, Jaipur

“…Purohit gave a wonderful flute recital and his “Bihag” was flawless…"

- Times of India, Mumbai

“…His performance was genuinely artistic…the Indian flautist kept the public swinging…Wonderful experience of Indian music…”

- Swedish critic and Nation Press

“…One of the best disciples of Late Shri Pannalal Ghosh, S N Purohit’s Bihag was a neat performance. His rendering had the glimpses of his guru. His concluding thumri in Pahadi was excellent”.

- The Hindustan Times

“…The evening raga Bhopali by Shri S N Purohit on the flute, created a very fine atmosphere. He is one of the eminent flute player of Senia Gharana.”

- The Times of India, New Delhi